College Counseling

Knowledgeable counselors help students navigate the college application process, from picking the right school to figuring out how to pay for their education. To help confirm the suitability of college choices, students have the opportunity to visit selected universities on one of several Armory Prep College Tours. Students in the program also receive: 
- Financial aid counseling with the goal of minimizing future debt burdens
- Help finding merit, athletic and competitive scholarships
- NCAA counseling to determine their NCAA athletic and academic eligibility.


Academic Assistance

During the school year, students in Armory College Prep have access to a variety of academic services at no cost: 
- SAT prep classes are offered twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Thursday from 6:00 PM until 8 PM
- A writing coach to help with college essays and personal statements, as well as essays required for competitive scholarships
- Individual tutoring is available to students on an as needed basis.
- Additionally, the program covers the costs of taking the SAT and ACT and also college application filing fees and NCAA Clearinghouse registration fees.


Athletic Coaching

Coaches and event specialists are available to work with athletes during the winter track season.  Armory College Prep students seeking coaching in throwing, jumping and hurdling events can meet with a coach/specialist between 2:30 and 6:30 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Arrangements are made through The Armory’s Director or Associate Director of Track and Field. 



All counseling services offered to Armory College Prep students – i.e., financial aid counseling, scholarship assistance, NCAA eligibility counseling – are also available to graduates of the program throughout their college careers.  In addition, the program provides college transfer assistance, if necessary, to our graduates. Our purpose is to support our students not only as they make their way into college but also throughout the duration.