MIT and Harvard University

On Saturday May 6th, middle school and high school students from Armory College Prep made a visit to MIT and Harvard University.  The middle school students began their day by visiting MIT’s Media Lab to celebrate Scratch, a programing language, and it’s ten year anniversary.  The event at the Media Lab had students participating in multiple activities such as creating and testing functions, programming with musical instruments, and designing wearable technology. Meanwhile, the high school students were led by, MIT Media Lab student, Nabeel Gillani around the campus. They visited notable sites such as the Ray & Maria STATA Center, famously designed by Frank Gehry. Students were given a inside look at the various engineering departments and saw the depth of the field. ACP students finished their trip of Cambridge with a tour of Harvard University. Students were able to see the residence halls of notable alumni such as Mark Zuckerberg, JFK, and Bill Gates. Throughout the tour, students asked thoughtful questions about the admissions process and the workload of a typical Harvard student.