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2019-2020 CityTrack & Little Feet Registration

Run, giggle, and play at the World’s fastest indoor Track & Field


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The Armory Foundation invites students in grades 2-8 to run at The Armory at its youth programs, Little Feet (grades 2-5) and CityTrack (grades 6-8). Children have the opportunity to train with our professional coaches on Mondays & Wednesdays from 3:30-5:00 pm at The Armory Track & Field on 216 Fort Washington Ave.

What We Do
CityTrack & Little Feet are health and wellness after-school programs, that aim to have participants develop stronger physical abilities, athletic confidence, and a desire to be physically active for life. Children are matched with Armory coaches who take them through a series of stretches, drills, activities, games and competitions.

When and Where?
CityTrack & Little Feet run from 3:30-5:00pm on Mondays and Wednesdays at The Armory Track in Washington Heights. With more than 45 sessions running from mid-October to late May, CityTrack & Little Feet provide over 70 hours of athletic programming on the spacious third floor of The Armory.

Who Can Join?
CityTrack & Little Feet are exclusively for the children of Washington Heights, Inwood, and Harlem. Children who go to school or live in these communities and are in grades 2-8 are eligible to join.

Does your child reside or attend school in Washington Heights, Harlem, or Inwood? (Please note that if the answer is no, he/she will not be eligible to participate.)
What is the child's full name? *
What is the child's full name?
What is the child's gender? *
What is the child's home address? *
What is the child's home address?
What is the child's birthday? *
What is the child's birthday?
Child's current grade? *
What is the child's ethnic background? *
Behavior Management and Expectations *
The Armory Foundation is committed to providing a safe, positive, and growth driven environment for all children who participate at The Armory. Please review the following expectations that guide our behavior management. Expectations: Respect your peers, Armory staff, and yourself. Hands and feet to be kept to yourself. Follow all instructions set forth by staff members. Refrain from damaging any building property. Refrain from disruptive behavior, fighting, violence of any kind, and inappropriate language. Comply with any and all other regulations set forth by Armory Staff. Consequences: First Offense – Warning Second Offense – Removal from track for remainder of session Third Offense – Temporary suspension Fourth Offense – Permanent dismissal Program administrators have the authority to exercise good judgment and apply a greater or lesser consequence than those listed above. A child may be immediately dismissed from the program if their behavior is determined to be detrimental to well-being of others in the program. Immediate dismissal of an entire family may occur in the event of inappropriate behavior of parents at The Armory. Adults are expected to model the desired behavior that is expected of the children. Profanity, threats, or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.Please discuss the information listed above with your child. We appreciate your efforts and thank you for the continued support in making appropriate behavior a priority for all children.
Please read and indicate that you understand. *
There are inherent risks and potential for injury when participating in programs such as CityTrack and Little Feet, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants or spectators, conditions on the track or surrounding areas, and physical exertion, and I and my child hereby assume all such risks and responsibility for any and all injury, damage or loss that may result from participation in CityTrack and Little Feet. I confirm that my child is physically fit to participate and is not subject to any medical condition that poses any risk of harm to him/herself or others. I, for myself, my child, and anyone entitled to act on our behalf, do hereby release the The Armory Foundation, the City and State of New York and its agencies and officials, and all other sponsors of CityTrack and Little Feet and the representatives and successors of all of the foregoing, from any and all present and future claims and liabilities of any kind, known or unknown, arising out of my child’s participation. I grant permission to the foregoing persons and entities to use or authorize others to use any photographs, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of my or my child’s participation in CityTrack and Little Feet or related activities for any legitimate purpose without remuneration. By signing this form, I authorize The Armory Foundation to send text messages to my cell phone to convey information about CityTrack and Little Feet. I understand that standard text messaging rates will apply to any messages received from The Armory Foundation. I also understand that The Armory Foundation may revoke this permission at any time.