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Armory College Prep Middle School program welcomes students (grades 6-8) from the CityTrack program for academic enrichment. The program is designed to develop a love of learning. Students receive three hours a week of mathematics enrichment, high school application support, and robotics instruction.

Each year begins with diagnostic assessments that measure each student's strengths and weaknesses in mathematics. Through individualized reports, regular monitoring of progress, and goal setting, our middle schoolers consistently demonstrate growth up to 2.5 times greater than their peers nationwide.

Our middle schoolers also participate in First Lego League robotics competitions. Our students are technology enthusiasts and digital consumers. With hard work and engaging opportunities, we are nurturing their computational thinking, problem solving, and communication skills so that they can become the next generation of leaders in technology and innovation.

With over 500 high schools options in NYC, our program walks students and their families through the application process. Attending the right school can be life changing and we help navigate the maze of schools visits, interviews, exams, and, if necessary, portfolios.

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Armory College Prep is designed to support students from October to May. Consistent attendance is critical for students to demonstrate growth and to develop strong foundational knowledge. I understand that three unexcused absences may lead to suspension or removal from the program. If my child cannot attend, I will email, text, or call Alberto Aquino at my earliest convenience. Armory College Prep aims to have every student achieve above-average growth in mathematics. To ensure that students are on a path to success, we collect and use data to develop individualized growth goals. I will share my child’s report cards every marking period with Armory College Prep. I will share my child’s state test scores with Armory College Prep. My child will complete three exams per year during Armory College to measure their mastery of mathematics. Student safety is the highest priority of the Armory Foundation. Please make sure that you inform us your child’s medical information. We urge all families to plan a safe way for your children to get home. I understand that upon dismissal, there will be no Armory personnel present to supervise your child. I understand that I will be notified in the case of a medical emergency involving my child. In the event that I cannot be reached, I authorize the calling of a doctor and the providing of necessary medical services in the event my child is injured or becomes ill. I understand that the Armory Foundation will not be responsible for the medical expenses incurred, but that such expenses will be my responsibility as parent/guardian I consent to the participation in interviews, the use of quotes, and the taking of photographs or video of my child. The text, image(s), and/or video may appear in electronic form on media websites, in corresponding publications, in print or in broadcast. I also grant the right to edit, use, and reuse said material for promotional purposes including use in print, on the internet, and all other forms of media. I also hereby release The Armory Foundation and the Armory College Prep program and their employees, directors and representatives from all claims, demands, and liabilities whatsoever in connection with the above. Armory College Prep uses various websites and software programs to support learning. Each resource has been and will continue to be thoroughly examined by experienced educators. I give permission for my child to sign up for a personal account on approved educational sites. I give permission for my child to have an email account created for him or her for use in the program. The teacher will share information with your student on this email account.