Stevens Institute Of Technology Visits ACP

On Tuesday, Nov 28, ACP was visited by Ms. Yajaira Pons, Assistant Director of Diversity Initiatives for Undergraduate Admissions at Stevens Institute of Technology (of Hoboken, N.J.). Ms. Pons spoke extensively and convincingly about Stevens. The school is renowned for its outstanding STEM programs, with their graduates receiving some of the highest starting salaries in the nation. Located just across the Hudson River, with breathtaking views of NYC, Stevens is an excellent choice for students with STEM aspirations who want to remain fairly close to home.

Stevens can "hold its own with any tech college" in America, as evidenced by their victory in the prestigious international Solar Decathlon competition of 2015, where Stevens edged out 13 other college teams, including teams from Cal-Poly, UT-Austin, Missouri U, Clemson, UC-Davis, and even teams from Italy, and Germany--two nations that dominate the global solar panel industry.

An SRO audience of over 70 ACP students were on hand for Ms. Pons' presentation. They were fascinated and engaged with her depiction of the school, and several students stayed afterwards to make direct, personal contact with her. Over a dozen filled out her info/contact cards so that they can receive further information about possible campus visits, and to receive future correspondences from Stevens. 

The visit was yet another example of the many ways in which ACP expands horizons and provides opportunities to explore new college options for its students.

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