Meet the Runners helping “Keep Kids on Track “

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Mike Litsky Bio

It has been 24 years since Mike’s last marathon. He has decided to come out of retirement to run the 2018 NYC Marathon to raise money for The Armory Foundation.

The founder and president of The Armory, Norbert Sander a friend of his passed away March 2017 leaving the rest of us to continue to help support his amazing work. “The Foundation’s mission resonates with me and I am happy to help keep kids on track and in the classroom. “


Chris Alexander 

 Chris has been running since the early 1990’s and has finished over 150 races. He loves obstacle course racing (2x Touch Mudder, Spartan, Savage, etc) and triathlons. Chris has two important bucket-list items before he turns 50, one is to do an Ironman triathlon, which he just finished in Augusta GA (70.3 distance) and the other is the NYC Marathon. 

Chris has also been a race director for the past 20+ years, for the Say No To Drugs 5K/10K charity.


Laura Lewis

Running the NYC marathon has become an annual ritual for Laura. Training provides community, tests willpower, and pushes her in ways she did not fathom when she started doing marathons 5 years ago. Raising money for non-profits makes it that much more meaningful.  This year, Laura is proud to be raising funds for The Armory Foundation.  Thank you for donating!


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Lily Roos

Lily Roos believes in the power of sports to inspire and empower kids.  She works as an intellectual property lawyer, but before this career, Lily was a high school teacher and a soccer coach.  She saw from a firsthand experience, how kids benefit from structured activities outside the classroom—including sports, which gives them a physical outlet, teaches them teamwork, discipline, and shows them their own strength.  

“The Armory Foundation accomplishes all these things and more, and I excited to be running for such an outstanding organization! When I’m not at my desk or out running, I’m at home with my husband, who has (kindly) supported my running addiction through several marathons and a couple of triathlons, and my eight month old son, who is witnessing his first marathon training season in our household.  I am proud to be running this hometown marathon on behalf of The Armory Foundation, and I look forward to the humbling experience of joining thousands of other runners in November.”  

Brian DePersis

Brian DePersis is a PE teacher, a husband, dad of 4, runner, coach, and more!  Sports are huge in his family and range from Cross Country to Wrestling to Soccer, Baseball, and Lacrosse.  

The 2018 TCS NYC Marathon will be Brian’s 3rd NYC and 4th marathon overall.  The TCS NYC Marathon is unbeatable as an experience for runners. His goal this year is to enjoy the experience and see the race for what he believes it is, a global celebration of running.

“I chose to run for The Armory Foundation because, as a teacher, the work they do sticks out to me.  The Armory Foundation helps give students the choices and the opportunities that every child deserves.  As a teacher, I look to put my students in a position to succeed as much as possible.  The Armory Foundation does that as well.” Brian shared in a recent conversation. 

Interesting facts Brian DePersis shared about himself 

  1. I am a long suffering Mets fan :) Wait til next year! 

  2. I like to collect magazines, articles, newspapers, books, etc. about my favorite place in the world, Cape Cod.

  3. I could live forever only eating Peanut Butter. I can't get enough!

  4. My wife and kids have been to every single race I have ever done to cheer me on in 10 degree temps up to 95 degree temps, except, ironically, for the two NYC Marathons. 

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Good Luck to all of our runners and thank you for helping keep kids on track!

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