Facilities & Maintenane Team

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John Carpenter

Director of Facilities


212-923-1803 Ext. 7044


John Carpenter joined The Armory in February 2016.  He brings with him over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry. Since moving to New York City in 2010, John has perfected his skills in both events and facilities management while working with Abigail Kirsch and Sonnier & Castle.


Kenny Dwyer

Building Manager


212-923-1803 Ext. 7020


Kenny has been with the Armory since May 2000. He is our building manager and comes with over 30 years of building experience. He has overseen numerous projects and has ensured the safety of thousands of athletes and fans who come visit the Armory every year. 


Giorgy Santos

Maintenance Supervisor



Mary Rose Synek lives to help students tell their stories, guiding them through every step as they create, organize, and bring to life their personal statements for college admission. During the academic year, her students study the ever-fascinating subject of themselves through acting, writing and reading the great works of under read masters. Through ACP’s unique summer program, Mary uses theatre and Broadway to further prepare students for their college experiences. Mary Rose has been a part of the Armory staff since November of 2011.